Unique Properties of Paleo-Indian Art

Distinguishing features and attributes of New Tribal Art:

1. All Paleo-Indian pieces have been manipulated by man.  All pieces have pictures/images worked into them and images will be referred to as themes. The themes are depictions of culturally important observations about the world around them and what the most successful animals did to survive... and thrive.  The same themes were passed down from generation to generation and young children were taught how to make them by tribe elders.  

2. Sticks, Glass and Pyroclasts all have multiple faces and every turn of the stone reveals new faces.In other words, faces are visible from every angle. Simply turn the piece around, turn it over or upside down or rotate the piece 60 degrees.

    3.  Sticks are positioned properly when the stick touches the ground in three places.

      4.  The best pyroclasts are comprised of a combination of metal, glass, bone and stone.

      5.  To change the appearance of a piece, simply turn it over or upside-down and you have something new to admire.