Ring Mountain - The PCN Tradition

I've hiked on Ring Mountain many times over the past seventeen years.  Each time, I find something new, something I had not seen before.
Some of you may be interested in reading Dr. Donna Lee Gillette's, 2011 thesis titled, "Cultural Markings on the Landscape: The PCN Pecked Curvilinear Nucleated Tradition in the Northern Coastal Ranges of California".  This paper explores the archaeological context of the PCN (Pecked Curvilinear Nucleated) tradition of marking boulders. 
Ring Mountain's Rock Art images are identical to those on the sticks, glasswork, metalwork and pyroclasts that appear in the collections on this site.  These people had a language, a written language recorded on stones, wood and a variety of other materials. The visual appearance of  PCN markings is quite similar to the appearance of writings using ancient Alchemist symbols.
Pecking marks create the images
Turtle Rock
PCN Carving on stone
Incredible blue rocks near the summit
A wood carving of a strange creature
A large screaming bird on Ring Mountain.  The screaming bird is a common theme that appears on all of our pieces
Another wood carving of a creepy creature from the past