Paleo-Indian Tribal Art

A new form of Tribal Art is being introduced in 2017. California Paleoindian Tribal Art.
In 1976, Anthropologists analyzed the Rock Art and Petroglyphs located on Marin County's, Ring Mountain in Corte Madera California. They concluded that the first inhabitants of California, the Paleoindians occupied this area 8,000-12,000 years ago. They created the term Pecked Curvilinear Nucleated (PCN) Tradition to describe how the Paleoindians used small stones to peck away at larger rocks to make designs and pictures.
I began collecting California Paleoindian Tribal Art in the year 2,000 when I realized that the Paleoindians used their PCN skills to decorate their stone tools and to make wooden objects depicting many of the strange creatures that lived in the area. Seventeen years later, what began as a hobby has grown into the largest collection of its kind.