Unique Characteristics of Paleo-Indian Pieces

There are several factors that you want to look for in the pieces:

1.  There are different faces visible from every angle. Just turn the piece around, upside down or slowly turn it 360 degrees. Count the number of faces you see!

2.  The difference between what nature created and what the Paleo-Indians created is that Paleo Sticks always rest on 3 points.

3.  The finest sticks are carved on all sides with replicas of the creatures represented on the stick. Each carving indicates the angle from which you need to view the stick in order to see the creature.

4.  If you want to change the appearance of any piece, simply turn it over or upside-down and you have a something new to admire.

5.  Hold the stick in your hand as if you are going to use it as a tool.  If it doesn't fit try it in the other hand.  More people were left-handed

5. Many of the pyroclasts contain bone fragments from people or animals sacrificed to their "God", the volcano.  When the volcanoe erupted the bone fragments stuck to the lava/glass.