Paleo-Indian Wood - Dinosaur Collection

Paleontologists believe that dinosaurs and flying reptiles became extinct millions of years ago but the Paleo-Indians could not have produced carvings that are nearly identical to today's paleo-artist renderings of such creatures if they did not see them!  


California Paleo-Indians coexisted with the types of dinosaurs that have been found at Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada.  These include: Hadrosauria, Ceratopsia, Ankylosauria a variety of flying reptiles including Pterodactyls and Dimorphodons.


The Paleo-Indians were not at the top of the food chain and were preyed upon by the flying reptiles.  The large number of hand-held, wooden clubs recovered indicates that they carried these clubs as weapons to ward-off  attacks by flying reptiles.


Several life-size wooden replicas Pteradactyls and Dimorphodons were collected.  These may have been strategically placed around Paleo camps just as modern farmers use scarecrows.