Paleo-Indian Sticks

Northern California is well-know for its giant Redwood trees.  The Paleo-Indians used many local varieties of wood but two seemed to be the favorites for carving. Black Oak has unique black/white and  throughout the limb and branch system and Brown Oak has similar brown/white qualities.


The ancients saw the world around them from a very different perspective and tried to show it through their carvings. As you turn any authentic Paleo-Indian piece around, you will see different faces from every angle. are not imagining it and its not in the eye of the beholder!  The faces were intentionally carved and this was the Paleo-Indian way of showing motion. 


Our large museum quality pieces have a special feature!  A life-like image of each creature depicted on the stick, is carved directly into the side of the stick! Immediately below, the picture on the right is a close-up of the carving that appears in the middle of the body in the picture on the left.



Some of the sticks in this collection have been varnished to highlight their features and for preservation.  This negatively effects their value as an artifact.  If that is not a concern for you, be sure to let us know if you want us to varnish your purchases.