Paleoindian History

Several important Anthropological discoveries about Paleoindian culture were made during this period. The Paleoindians worshipped a diety and it was a geothermal volcano. Their “God” held the power to give and take life with very little warning. Over thousands of years, the volcano erupted several times and each eruption leveled a large area, taking the lives of all the people and creatures within its range. But, along with the destruction, these blasts also brought new life. Chards of volcanic glass, copper and other pyroclastic materials formed and were scattered by the blasts. Once it was safe to approach their “God”, these materials were collected by the survivors.


The explosions left several holes at the bottom of the caldera that belched super-heated steam from deep below the ground. Like other ancient peoples, the Paleo-Indians made sacrifices to appease their “God” because many of the yroclastic pieces have bone attached to them.


They carved the likeness of their God...the volcanic caldera and its steam vents...everywhere and with incredible precision. You will see it on stone tools as well as their objects made of wood, metal and glass. They sat around a fire and carved. Men women and children, many of the pieces in the collection take on an entirely different appearance at nightfall.

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