Newsletter - March 2018

Robert Stupack

THE AGE OF THESE ARTIFACTS At the beginning of March 2018, New Tribal Art received the final report from Dr. James Feathers at the Thermoluminescence Dating Lab at the University of Washington.   As you can see below:   The sandstone with glyphs was approx. 7100 years old. The pyroclastic material approximately 600 years old. The Ceramic partially covered with a pyroclastic material 430 years old. The Glass pieces approx. 5500 years old. The hard ceramic or rock piece 1800 years old. The accuracy of Dr. Feather's tests is incredible.  I have a long-held theory that the last time the...

Newsletter - January 2018

Robert Stupack

Tags New Tribal Art

California's drought officially ended in the winter of 2016-2017.   It's possible that access to the high quality Paleo-Indian sticks and wooden pieces in this collection may have been a once in a lifetime event. The unusually long drought period followed by torrential rains may have freed/unearthed them.  The majority of wooden pieces on this website were collected in just a few days during two specific time periods. The first time was during a full moon at the beginning of the winter of 2015-2016 and the other was during the full moon at the end of the 2016-2017 rainy season....